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Roy Cohen, a former CEO of JWT Digital in Israel and founder of the marketing research consultancy Quantum Brands, will head up the Dublin office.

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While its recent TV spots have been fairly benign and dare we say, sappy, Wix, the brand that lets people build websites for free takes a detour with its latest ad above, which is inspired by of all things, horror films.

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Behavidence identifies patterns of people's use of mobile phones and diagnoses their mental state accordingly  • Do psychiatrists have reason to fear? The founder of the company, Roy Cohen, says that they are actually eagerly waiting for such diagnostic tools: "They know that something in the existing method is not working"

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Roy Cohen and 40 other professionals share their vision for the future of healthcare in the next 30 years.

Roy Cohen on Physician Thrive

Behavidence is a startup led by world-class scientists that is currently preparing to launch an effective digital phenotyping solution that can provide an accurate psychiatric diagnosis for ADHD. 

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The new agency is handling significant budgets on its first month of activity.

Roy Cohen & Eyal Naaman - Article in Bizportal

Video creation platform VidMob fled London for Dublin - and not just because of Brexit The company found Ireland was a better route for accessing partners and new business.

Vidmob EMEA moves to Dublin following Roy Cohen's joining

Negotiation is a complex process for many - even if it is carried out traditionally, face-to-face. Online negotiations that have developed during the pandemic shortens and streamlines the negotiations, but makes it difficult for the participants to build trust and confidence.

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Behavidence won the $50,000 grand prize for its smartphone app that works to monitor veterans’ digital behavior patterns and flag users at a higher risk for suicide.

VA Names Behavidence as winner of tech sprint

Behavidence is a cutting-edge platform that harnesses the power of personal device interactions to assess your mental state, providing always-on, passive, and accurate monitoring and management of mental health. With AI-driven technology, this tool can monitor psychiatric and neurological disorders, providing scientifically validated daily feedback based on digital behavior.

CEO: Roy Cohen

StartupBeat declares Roy Cohen's Behavidence Top 15 AI startups to watch
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